So Long Fruit Flies

August 3, 2009


‘Tis the season, and once those little fruit flies get a foothold in your kitchen it’s alot of work to get them out, right? They have a 10 day life cycle, can drive me crazy. They like organic food just fine. Here are some great ideas on how to rid your kitchen of fruit flies, from  There is even a video! Google is great, right? I am going to do the simple remedy tonight- a glass with something yummy in it covered with plastic wrap and little holes punched in so they can get in and dine and they can’t get out. Let you know how it goes.

Floods? Go Floating!

August 3, 2009


I found these interesting posts on about alternative housing in areas that have floods or where people fight the tides. For example, here a beautiful project in the Netherlands called Citadel which is a floating apartment complex. Beautiful, built in a polder, which is a flood plain separated from the sea by dikes. The Stilthouses are another idea for habitability and are workable whether or not there is flooding. A just-in-case home! And the most fun is the floating camper, the project of a group of students (also referred to as guerilla social engineers) who have been responsible for several projects like the one pictured above. Holland has a history of flooding and there is a great deal of creative thinking and building going on there. Smart and fun.

Picture 1

Just saw the new scifi flick, Moon. This 97 minute film was released in June and is becoming popular by word-of-mouth and good reviews. A mining operation on the moon is run by one employee, alone on a 3-year stint. Completely cut off from live communication due to some glitch, he is reliant on messsages relayed by his computer, GERTY. The years are wearing on him; it almost time to leave and he is starting to hallucinate and feel sick. What happens is very thought-provoking and the story is powerful and reminiscent of a good Asimov  tale or a short story by Heinlein. The story was written by Duncan Jones, son of David Bowie, and he also directs the film. The sole character is played by Sam Rockwell in the role written for him by Jones and Nathan Parker. We also hear the voice of Kevin Spacey as the computer- shades of Hal. Sure, the premise is a bit unbelievable, I mean, who would give up family and love to be alone on the moon for three years. But ignoring that, it is interesting and the music is well done. I would really love to write about the themes but it would give away too much of the plot. It is more drama and mystery than thriller, I don’t do thrillers very well. It is most definitely scifi. Here’s a clip.


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