Cooking Macro

September 12, 2008

Life is all about finding balance. Balance and health are not static, they depend on choice and our ability to change and adapt. Even the Apollo Space journey wasn’t a straight shot, there were recalculations and adjustments every part of the path to the moon and back.

The beauty of free choice and the use of food as medicine come together to manifest the many possible levels of using food: from eating to cure disease, to eating for maintaining health and, ultimately, using our food for a purpose.

A stimulating way to learn about cooking and food is to learn about Macrobiotics and 5 Element Theory. This opens up not only endless possibilities of ways to cook delicious and powerful food but also gives way to choices about how to live our lives in a balanced way, in harmony with the changing seasons and years.


The 5 tastes, 5 colors and various cooking methods make endless combinations of grains, beans and vegetables into delicious meals. Learning to cook strong, healing and delicious food with variety is a worthy goal and takes time.

Some places to learn more:


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