Women to Women

September 18, 2008




Women to Women is a wonderful resource for those women who wish to take more control of their health. This group addresses stress and its relationship to women’s health. Founded by Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP, along with former partners Christiane Northrup, M.D., Mary Ellen Fenn, M.D., and Annie Rafter, RNC, their clinic was one of the first in health care for women, by women.”Our practice reflects the reality of how our bodies work: everything — the physical, the mental, and the spiritual — is connected…We honor each individual woman and the power her body has to heal itself — and her place in a mind-body-spirit continuum that makes her health in large part an expression of her life.” 

Take a free online hormonal profile which assesses your levels of stress and they suggest many options including risk-free trial of their holistic supplement line. Check out the library of useful articles ranging from dry eyes and hair loss to preparing for surgery, migraines, menopause and even money!



One Response to “Women to Women”

  1. jacqueline Says:

    Hi, found your blog via google. I’m a big fan of women to women too. Do you take part in the program?

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