Like a street fair, crowds flock to the San Luis Obispo Thursday Night Farmer’s Market which involves more than 120 vendors. Farmers park their trucks in the center of the street and restaurateurs wheel out massive barbecue pits for grilling ribs, chicken, sausages, tri-tip and even barbecued calzones under the evening sky. There are various food booths that offer everything from pizza-by-the-slice to warm-from-the-oven cookies. As an east coaster, my eyes feasted on the produce ranging from dozens of varieties of apples and beautiful fruit, organic as well as unsprayed, to greens, and squash and hand-harvested nuts. Fresh walnuts are a taste sensation and there are gorgeous bouquets of garden-grown flowers, hand-pressed cider and other seasonal treats. A very inspiring turnout- throngs of families on an evening outing. Smokey the Bear was on hand to teach kids about fire safety. Loved this event.