bpwarningbox1One of my most favorite people in the world is Tuck Self, the original and irreplaceable Rebel Southern Belle.

In her own words, “Born in the deep South, I was raised to be small, quiet, polite and inauthentic – “the perfect southern belle.” I discovered very early that I didn’t fit that mold. I was always being told I was loud, headstrong, selfish, and to sit down, be still and be quiet. For most of my life, I did what I was expected to do and obediently fulfilled the roles that others defined for me. That actually worked quite well until one day something deep inside began to rumble and roar, slowly but loudly.

I was living a fabulous life with everything a woman could possibly want, yet something was missing. The role I was playing wasn’t authentically me. I couldn’t deny my feelings anymore.

What was this feeling of needing to break free, spread my wings, find my voice, live my passion and boldly express myself to the world? What was waking up in me? What was stirring in me to crank life up a notch, claim my passion and voice and find the juiciness that was missing in my life?

Well, folks, it was what I fondly refer to as the “Rebel Belle”. It was my soul and inner “BellePower” screaming to break free. It was my inner voice of bold self-expression looking to be big, loud, outrageous and authentic. So, the Rebel Belle was unleashed. I set out on the road to freedom and self-discovery. I reclaimed my power, passion and large sense of play and here I am –A Southern Voice for Bold Self-Expression… living life on my terms and helping others to do the same!  Life rocks!”

On her website she will coach you and encourage you, she will make you laugh out loud at yourself and our crazy world, she will entertain you, educate you and she will connect you with other Rebel Belles! Wanna know if you’re a Rebel Belle? – fill out her questionnaire online. LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!!