Song Du Jour

November 16, 2008


From a songwriters sing concert at Milton Hall, Litchfield, CT in ’91.

And although my husband still travels alot I have a better handle on my life, and it isn’t as hard as it used to be now that the children are grown.


2 Responses to “Song Du Jour”

  1. Teresa Says:

    You survived!!! And you are still married!!! Amazing and kudos to you both. Your song reminded me of long ago when I was married to a traveling man…I I couldn’t take it. I am glad I didn’t. Now I am with my husband who travels with me and I am truly happy.

    Perhaps your next song will be about your friend who travels alot.


  2. Young Macro Says:

    A lot can change over 30+ years. Three beautiful (grown) kids had a great stay-at-home Mom and a world-traveled Dad; together, they modeled possibilities of commitment, service and unconditional love. Who could have guessed that so many of those contacts would become business associates on the team that helped so many others along the way. And lest anyone think otherwise, I missed exactly 1 out of 90 birthdays — that’s a lot of cake!!


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