Organic Skin Care

November 26, 2008

Aubrey Organics
Nikken True Elements


Your skincare products have petroleum-based ingredients, or parabens or chemicals you cannot pronounce….What to do? You can Freak Out or take control and start to READ LABELS and make informed choices for your healthy home.

For personal care products Aubrey Organics has a line of excellent products and library of safe ingredients for cosmetics. Dr Epstein’s Personal Care Bible addresses other toxic ingredients in personal care products.

Nikken has a new skin care line, True Elements, available  January, 1, 2009,  with all organic and natural ingredients- nothing petroleum-based- and bears the European ecocert seal. I have been using the True Elements entire line for the past month and I notice my pores are tighter and my skin is hydrated all day, and people have commented on my skin, the coloring and texture. The True Elements products come singly or as a pack which include exfoliating scrub, foaming cleanser, toner, contour serum, day cream and night creams. There is so much new information about the importance of what we put in our body and on our body. Our skin is the largest organ of our body, so please make smart choices and make the effort to use safe and simply formulated and organic skin care products.

3 Responses to “Organic Skin Care”

  1. Thanks for listing quality products.

  2. joanspear Says:

    Thanks for your comment and for your website.

  3. […] your face for a few minutes. It will be sticky, tacky and will feel great, too. Rinse and use your organic skin care and off you […]

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