To Do List/Thanksgiving/Gutters!

November 27, 2008

gmaxanimThe kids are home and there are numerous chores that I have accumulated waiting for the “many hands make light work” help. We moved the couch from the barn to the house to accommodate cousins and friends who will be hanging out over the next few days. We tidied up and raked some leaves from the driveway and front of the house and while I was at it I trimmed some suckers off the lilacs. We collected more kindling for the fireplace, covered the seasoning wood pile and put some gardening things away. We also rearranged art and photos on the walls. But there is one chore I forgot until the sun went down- and I sure hope we can get to tomorrow; it’s an icky, stinky job but must be done. Cleaning the gutters. 

According to Josh Peterson, from Planet Green, there are many obvious reasons to clean the gutters and some benefits I hadn’t even considered. The wet leaves are great for the compost pile because they are already gunky and decomposing much faster than “clean and dry” leaves. 

There are also companies that make rain pipes from recycled plastic, screens or even the above pictured possibility from Guttermaxx.  I can easily imagine life without having to clean the gutters every fall. If you like the pipe idea, DIYFIXIT has detailed instructions on how to measure for the correct size pipes that will be able to handle the amount of water coming off your roof; you don’t want to undersize it and have a flood. Of course you can direct the runoff and create a rain garden! images4

Via: Treehugger

One Response to “To Do List/Thanksgiving/Gutters!”

  1. Definitely a good time to do some gutter maintenance. Before the rain and snow season kick in and you have no desire to.

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