Twitter’s not so Bed

December 15, 2008


I may be complaining about Twitter but I have learned a lot this morning from all the interesting tweets and here is a wonderful site full of inventive beds., I am gathering, is the go-to site for creative options on and off the web. Check out the beds.

But my fav is a beauty from Okooko, a 3-month-old eco-friendly mattress and bedroom-furniture company from New Zealand. (US store in Philly. ) Their beds are made of wood from sustainable forests managed by the New Zealand government. This one is called Float ($25,000, including the mattress) by David Trubridge, a New Zealand designer. Okooko promises to plant a native tree in New Zealand for every bed sold. 

The photo: Chris Parker

This best tip is from Gaurav Sikka, in Mumbai, a creative artist and web strategist now working with Bollywood.

One Response to “Twitter’s not so Bed”

  1. Gaurav Sikka Says:

    Glad you’re liking twitter so far 🙂

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