Turn Down That Racket

January 5, 2009



“If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, turn that racket down”- that would have been my parents telling me to turn down my music when I was young and now it’s my turn. As a musician, my ears are my ultimate instrument. Everything I play I need to have my ears. I don’t go to loud concerts. If I ever am at a party with loud music, out come the earplugs, or, I just leave. I used to be very strict with my boys when they were little about using headphones. Now I annoy them by asking if they have ear plugs. Micah caused me great pride when he told me he wore earplugs at Lollapalooza last year. My husband and I had dinner at a restaurant over the weekend and, in the middle of dinner, a live performer set up his guitar and amps and started blasting us. We had to shout to be heard and finally took our tea and coffe to the far end of the restaurant so we could have a conversation. Just read an article backing up all my warnings to my kids:

Dave Simons,  in Songwriter 101, paints a grim picture although he does list numerous possible ways to avoid hurting our ears. The Hearing Foundation of Canada has reported that people are losing their hearing 20 years earlier than the past, blaming a society that gets noisier and noisier each year. He goes on to say that “earbuds, are the worst offenders, since the closer the source is to the eardrum, the greater the chance for sustaining permanent damage — 30 minutes per day is tops. (So potentially harmful are earbuds, in fact, that Apple, maker of the iPod, is reportedly working on a software-based solution that can provide automatic “recovery periods” during extended listening.)” Well, I am really glad that Apple is taking this on. Most people don’t realize the damage they are doing until it’s done. So, listen up folks!