Why I Blog

January 19, 2009


Last week, Josh gave a talk to an advertising group in Ohio. He mentioned to the group that “even my mom has a blog”. Hmm… Does that means if my mom can do it anyone can? Or, maybe he means that he is proud that he impressed me with his blog and so I wanted one, too? Not sure which way he meant it, however, I am most definitely a blogger and proud of it. 

Why do I blog? Because I, like most of us, have a need to be heard and seen. I have a strong urge to make a difference in our world. I am committed to bringing peace to our planet by helping people become healthy. If I reinforce all my efforts by also working from my computer and sharing the information that I already know and that which crosses my path and things that I am curious about and research, then I feel I am fulfilling even more of my commitment.

You can blog, too. Do you have something to say? Are you shy and don’t speak out about what you care about? A blog can be an introvert’s safe passage into the world to communication. Are you a poet or songwriter? Do you have great recipes?

You can start a blog. Try www.wordpress.com. They will teach you how, with a free blog and tutorials and the rest is up to you. As I write (at this moment) there are: 188,414 BLOGGERS writing 156,787 NEW POSTS= 43,310,359 WORDS TODAY. And those are the bloggers who are working at just this moment in time…..

I encourage you to be seen and heard.



Spacious rooms, high ceilings, beautiful and unusual decor, great hosts and a non-allergenic miniature schnauzer, named Alice, welcomed me to the award-winning greenRocks Inn in Ridgefield, CT. This is the place to stay for that special weekend in Connecticut. Kim Wanamaker and her partner, Barbara Simkins are certainly walking their talk. They offer three unigue guest rooms, fully equipped with not only the expected amenities but also organic bedding and towels, filtered water in each bathroom, shower filter, and air filters are part of your experience of their natural inn. They serve organic and natural foods for your breakfast. Your  vaccinated and house-trained pet (under 15 pounds) is also welcome and you can arrange for pet-sitting, walking and feeding! The inn is just up the street from the town of Ridgefield- good shopping, great restaurants, hiking, golf and outdoor activities. 

I stayed in the largest room called the Dance Suite. King size bed, beautiful linens, asian decor, quiet and removed from the rest of the house. 

Check out the special and rates. And if you are considering a wedding, Kim is a Justice of the Peace!