Why I Blog

January 19, 2009


Last week, Josh gave a talk to an advertising group in Ohio. He mentioned to the group that “even my mom has a blog”. Hmm… Does that means if my mom can do it anyone can? Or, maybe he means that he is proud that he impressed me with his blog and so I wanted one, too? Not sure which way he meant it, however, I am most definitely a blogger and proud of it. 

Why do I blog? Because I, like most of us, have a need to be heard and seen. I have a strong urge to make a difference in our world. I am committed to bringing peace to our planet by helping people become healthy. If I reinforce all my efforts by also working from my computer and sharing the information that I already know and that which crosses my path and things that I am curious about and research, then I feel I am fulfilling even more of my commitment.

You can blog, too. Do you have something to say? Are you shy and don’t speak out about what you care about? A blog can be an introvert’s safe passage into the world to communication. Are you a poet or songwriter? Do you have great recipes?

You can start a blog. Try www.wordpress.com. They will teach you how, with a free blog and tutorials and the rest is up to you. As I write (at this moment) there are: 188,414 BLOGGERS writing 156,787 NEW POSTS= 43,310,359 WORDS TODAY. And those are the bloggers who are working at just this moment in time…..

I encourage you to be seen and heard.


One Response to “Why I Blog”

  1. kgfarthing Says:

    Well, I am pretty sure that he mentioned it because he is proud of YOU. He was talking about how people are pre-digital, digital born or digital REborn, and you were his example of someone being digitally reborn (terms along those lines, anyway).

    And how, being of the digital age is more of a mindset than chronological age… so another compliment, I would say!

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