Forgetting to Remember

February 11, 2009


I have never been good at the master list. In the past when I went food shopping I’d see what we needed and I’d buy it. I’d remember that we were out of something by seeing it, or would take a list of the important things. Once, way back, we had a typed list of the basic supplies, if I ever remembered to bring it along….Lately, I go to the store for something and come home with something else we needed but not necessarily what I went for. Does that happen to you? 

Well thank goodness for the ALL OUT OF Pad. I think every household like mine needs one.

And for all your other needs- has it on hand. Choose from a category of gifts for Annoying People or how about The Bitch Kit, which include stickers and post-its, Bitch list and pin? Maybe you need The Medical ORganizer and The Take-Out Menu Organizer? I mean, why look any further?