Green Tips for Ovens

February 19, 2009

3030130503_b156e710c4 shared some important reminders on ovens today:

The tips that jump out: 

Keep your oven clean-no one likes the smell of food burning on the oven floor, an we don’t need to waste energy cooking extra bits of food, either. That goes for toaster ovens, too. Last week some tahini drips of some toast and started a small fire on the heating element of the toaster oven. Not good- need a new toaster and the house smelled for days of burnt tahini…

Don’t preheat your oven except for baking- this is intriguing because I always preheat. apparently most foods can start at room temperature and ride up through the pre-heat until optimum oven temp is reached!

You can turn your oven off a few minutes early – great idea, because your oven holds heat a long time and will not cool down right away, especially if you:

Do not open the oven door- every time you open the door the temperature drops and the oven has to work to heat up again.

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