Proud Mom

February 20, 2009


What can I say, I am so proud of my boys and all they contribute in the world. Josh encouraged me to start blogging and I hope this weekend he will give me some tips on how to improve

Here is a link to a new interview with Josh (Josh Spear)  at  He says about his family: 

“I came from a brand savvy, product savvy, never “settling” household. My dad is a designer. He’s a feng shui expert. When I grew up he was designing hotels and private residences, working with people like Karim Rashid. In grade school I always had Muji notepads and pencils that my dad brought me back from trips. There was always some thought put into a purchase, and what brands stood for, and what values they had. But it took a long time for me to realize how interested I was in brands. I just knew that I liked some of them.”

But what he might not remember is the grief he gave me having to buy the “right” Northface jacket or the “perfect shoes”. Josh always had a sixth sense about what he wanted to wear, use, be around. He does not settle. He holds out for the perfect product. Hear it from him.

One Response to “Proud Mom”

  1. ginalazenby Says:

    Love the gold shoes Josh. Just perfect!
    Hello to you from Adelaide.
    I agree, everything has got to be “just right”. Been giving a talk here on Life Flow and I am wearing my purple dress I bought in Singapore with the purple & peacock motif scarf I bought in Hong Kong with the purple jewel sandals from Bali and the purple/amethyst necklace from Florida. A girl has to know how and where to shop.

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