The Flu

February 26, 2009


Healthy me, sick in bed with the flu. Just last week I was smugly telling myself in the mirror that I was so strong and healthy and had beat this winter’s illnesses. Whack! Take that, Ms. Spear. Pride is an illness and I’ll never smile at the flu again, I promise. 

Perhaps taking Oscillococcinum at the first sign of illness helped lessen the severity of my symptoms, but I’ve still been down for 5 days and don’t think I’ll be out dancing tomorrow. I also consistently took Elderberry syrup until I finished the bottle, yummy, sweet and sticky. Vitamin C, an expectorant cough syrup for my unproductive, hacking cough and lots of water, tea. Hot baths with epsom salt felt great on those achey joints. Beautiful essential oils for congestion and breathing easy. Nikken’s Greenzymes and lactoferrin for my digestion. And, I’m still here in bed. Boohoo.

A friend commented that maybe I’m supposed to be goofing off for a few days. Well, I’ve caught up on Lost and MadMen, what else do you suggest? I welcome your comments and well wishes.