Dr Hauschka Disappoints

March 31, 2009

I am very interested in using simple, clean and non-toxic skin care products. I am getting very close to cooking up my own. Using Environmental Working Group’s safecosmetics.com I have found that many of my favored organic companies aren’t as squeaky clean as I require. Check out your brands, and if they don’t feature yours you can just enter in the ingredients and see the ratings for each one on a scale of 1-8, 8 being hazardous to our health.

Here is an example of Hauschka’s Hand Cream (I loved that hand cream, especially the little samples, so easy to travel with…)


Okay, so what to do. There are other brands to choose from. What I am using now is Nikken’s True Elements. It is largely organic, certified by Ecocert. Ecocert is an independent organization that conducts inspections and certifications to insure organic integrity. They are a European company accredited by many groups including USDA for NOP Certification.

All True Elements products are made from the flowers, vines and herbs that grow in the Valaisan Mountains of the Swiss Alps. Subjected to extremes of temperature and humidity over the course of centuries, these rare plant strains have developed an unusual resistance to the effects of environmental stress. Sounds good to me. Using Safecosmetics site we found most of the ingredients to score 0 which is the best! and there were a few 1’s and 2’s mostly ingredients at the end of the list- which means there isn’t much o it in there!


If you want to order some, write a comment and I will offer it to you wholesale!


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