Green Alternative to AAA

April 8, 2009





The relief of the arrival of the tow truck, or mechanic to help fix a flat tire when you can’t find the jack or jump a dead battery; that’s been AAA. Good service but environmental and consumer values that I don’t align with. What to do?

Now there is an alternative: Betterworldclub

They offer the same services as other companies and more:

– Emergency Roadside Assistance
– Travel Products and Services
– Insurance Products and Services


•Better World Club donates 1% of revenue to environmental cleanup and advocacy

•They currently respond in 38 minutes

•The nation’s only socially responsible, environmentally friendly roadside assistance and travel club, balances its members’ transportation needs with their desire to protect the environment.

• The first travel company to offer Carbon Credits to fight global warming

•Discounts on hybrid rental cars

•The nation’s only bicycle roadside assistance

•Special discounts on “green” hotels/eco-travel

• Free Carbon Credits when auto insurance is purchased from BWC

•A unique policy agenda includes supporting state attempts to regulate autos to reduce greenhouse gases

• Recognize Domestic Partners


• The nation’s first and only bicycle roadside assistance service is now available exclusively through Better World Club.

I applaud this company and their commitment to possibility and change.


via: youngmacro

One Response to “Green Alternative to AAA”

  1. Janis Says:

    Thank you for letting us know about this wonderful resource! Who knew there was something like this offered that can save us money in saving the environment? I much prefer staying in Environmentally Friendly lodgings myself and to find them, I use I just wanted to share the link. Thank you!

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