Sunshine, SPF Clothing

May 30, 2009


As everyone is learning, sunlight is important for our synthesis of Vitamin D and Calcium. Sun for bone health. And, we also know that he sun’s UV is stronger than ever. So although we need to be in the sun unprotected for 1-20 minutes a day, we do need to protect during the rest of the day. HOW? 

The safest way to protect yourself from the sun is with a hat and to stay out in the sun short amounts of time so you do not burn. There are wonderful sun screen clothes. ,, are just a few of the many SPF clothing companies out there. I recently bought a great looking SPF shirt from, see photo above.

I intend to enjoymy summer and not hide from the sun, yet be smart about protection and non-toxic sunscreens. Stay tuned for that post soon.

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