Safe Water is Our Right

August 28, 2009


A new documentary, Tapped , is being shown for a week in NYC at the IFC Center starting today. Made by the director and producers who brought us Who Killed the Electric Car, this film takes a look at the history of bottled water and the strange path it has taken more recently including the unregulated and quality of water issues and the political and ownership battles over water.

Frightening and sadly true facts are presented like only 20 percent of plastic water bottles used in the United States are recycled, and far too many of the rest probably end up in the Pacific Garbage Patch (a floating island of plastic waste the size of Rhode Island and growing). Not only does bottled water create physical waste, but also causes the waste of consumer dollars. Many are paying more than the price of gasoline for water that’s marketed as “pure,” but in reality is largely unregulated, full of harmful toxins like BPA, and far less safe for drinking than free tap water.

According to Claire Thompson’s article from August 3 in Grist Magazine: the film  “succeeds at making the industry reps look like total jerks. A few too many mid-interview cutaways to Soechtig looking concerned came off as a little journalistically self-important, but Tapped does a solid job of covering every aspect of this damaging industry and inspiring more outrage than despair. It features interviews with the likes of Atlanta mayor Shirley Franklin and Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), not to mention some footage of Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) tearing into an FDA rep at a government hearing.”

So, does this film preach to the converted? Will enough people see this and be moved to NEVER buy bottled water again? It is very sad that so many people feel trapped; they will not drink the water that is provided by our government because although it will not make you sick (because it is bacteriologically safe), it can make you sick other ways so what else can they do but buy a bottle of water! Which do you do when faced with that choice? Clearly a point of use filtration system in our homes is key. What do you do when you run out of water in your stainless steel water bottle?

It is raining, and I know that even the water falling from the sky may not be safe to drink.

Via: Organic Consumers

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