Micah and Container Houses

September 7, 2009


Micah has just sent me some great information about affordable and sustainable urban housing. Check out the photos of this home- hard to believe it’s made of containers- actually three 40′ units and one 20′ unit.  The large units house the bedrooms and living rooms of the home, while the 20′ unit is dedicated as a kitchen in total taking up 1,858 square feet. It looks great and creates a very small footprint on a very small lot, in this case 5,000 square feet.

Using shipping containers as a building block is such an interesting and useful concept to me. You can even do-it-yourself with the book from containers4home.com which will provide all the details from choosing the container to designing the space using a CAD program.

I think these buildings belong in a more urban setting although Micah feels otherwise and would love to build a studio here in the wilds of NW Connecticut. Would like the bicycle built for two, though!

4 Responses to “Micah and Container Houses”

  1. Did you have a floorplan of this house ? It looks like an amazing use of space and I am curious to see where the containers stop and conventional construction begins to achieve this volume from just 3 x 40 ft containers and 1 x 20 ft

  2. Maraud Says:

    where do you look to find the cheapest used containers?

    • joanspear Says:

      Micah was calling shipping companies for prices. Check in your area. The only thing I am concerned about is what was in the container before. I wouldn’t buy one that carried chemicals, etc.

  3. jessica Says:

    Bad Joan. Too many interesting posts. I really need to get to work now. Yeah, I’d like to find out about that too. Perhaps one side can be tarted up with recycled barn siding so that it would look like it fits into a rural area. Or, perhaps, they might be used in as an interior solution to re-purposing the beautiful old barns that are falling down all over New England. Like magnificent cathedrals crumbling apart….

    Tim Prentice built a house inside an old barn in Cornwall. Come to think of it, this is not such a dumb idea….

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