Cute Compact Carry Bag

November 4, 2009














We all buy cloth bags for groceries- so in Asheville I went food shopping and of course didn’t have a bag because they are all at home in Connecticut in the back seat of my car….and so I bought a great, reusable, light weight nylon bag at the check out. It has a patent pending, holds up to 25 pounds, has a little stretch pouch built in and a no slip shoulder strap.

about the size of a peach
holds 2x a plastic grocery bag
ripstop nylon, so load it up with a bowling ball or two
good clean fun
machine washable

Retails for $7.49. flip & tumble


Asheville is surrounded by the beautiful Smoky Mountains. Everywhere you look are gentle, round mountains and in late October the colors are warm, vibrant and delicious. Even the trees in town are beautiful.

When I visit a new place I like to get a feel of what it is like to live there. I am not so into being a tourist, although I did some touristy things. I am interested in the food stores, the farming, the organic restaurants even the yoga classes. Here are some stores I visited last week.

Greenlife Grocery (where they now bake organic bagels) has a delicious hot bar, and is well-stocked particularly with local products and produce. I bought a jar of local sauerkraut- totally delicious, made by Viable Cultures who also manufacture kombucha and tempeh. EarthFare is another large store with all imaginable products. Their conscious philosphy is inspiring:

Screen shot 2009-11-04 at 2.01.08 PM

I want to mention The French Broad Food Coop which has been around for almost 35 years, having started as a group of families buying cooperatively and now a busy and large store. “The French Broad Food Co-op is a store owned by the people who shop here, and we work hard to satisfy your shopping needs in a courteous and conscientious way. Shares are fully refundable.” You can also subscribe to a discounted group health insurance program.

Last but most exciting to me are the Farmer’s and Tailgate Markets which you can access at over 25 locations from early spring until late fall.

The Asheville area has much to offer for the health conscious person. Next post: where to stay!