20 minute Yoga Infusion

December 16, 2009

You have a small window of time, didn’t get out to yoga class as you had planned, your body needs some breathing and concentrated movement – what to do? Dial up a 20 minute private session online through the Yoga Today Blog!

This afternoon I”Perked Up MY Posture” with Neesha. She is such a sweet teacher, who shares phrases like,  “Breathe sweetly through your nose. Your breathe is the flow of life itself and the breathe itself is play of opposition. This very essence of life which flows through you in a paradox is exactly what we engage with to experience more strength, stability and steadfastness and simultaneously more openness to the world and yourself”.

In this session, Neesha leads a 20-minute sequence that will correct stooping upper back posture with heart openers. This class is especially applicable after a long day at your desk!  I’m a fan. Can’t wait to tell Teresa about these gems.

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