Quick, before the catalogs are in the mail

June 11, 2010

In my November 9, 2009 post I wrote about the glut of mail we all receive and ways to cut down. The US Postal Service had delivered some damaged mail in a special envelope. How nice, except the damaged mail was junk mail. At the time I only knew of a few sources for eliminating the wasteful catalogs and unsolicited advert mail I was receiving. My way of dealing was to phone each company and nicely request to be removed from the mailing list. Ehow had and still has a list of options.

Then my brother introduced me to CatalogChoice.org which at the time only dealt with, you guessed it, catalogs. Catalogs account for only 15% of unsolicited mail. Now CatalogChoice.org has expanded their services to include phonebooks, credit card offers, coupons and other letter-sized direct mailings.

I say, thank you, thank you, CatalogChoice.com.

It is easy to sign up and create your opt-out requests on the site. Taking the time to do this now can save time, energy, trees and recycling hassles in the future. I think it’s a good idea to ACT NOW before those annoying holiday catalogs are addressed, stamped and on their way to your mailbox.

3 Responses to “Quick, before the catalogs are in the mail”

  1. ram0singhal Says:

    divine……..now as we have internet and television do we need printed catalogs ? even news papers also….

    every effort to save natural resources is wisdom .

    your effort will inspire many many……bless you..

  2. norwegianartist Says:

    Many of the places through which we purchase allow us the option to opt out of printed catalogs — after all, this saves postal costs for the company.

    We will keep this option of yours in mind, however, should we find ourselves inundated again. Junk mail is aptly named.

  3. Liz Johns Says:

    I’m happy with getting junk mail as long as it is printed on non-shiny paper – that way I can scrunch it up and use it as firelighters.

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