A simple Messy Person’s Guide

November 13, 2013



I am not the neatest person I know. I like to spread out when I work and I particularly love working on the dining room table and leaving it all out there – but that means we eat somewhere else or I have to clear it off- I’ve improved over the years by following the advice of many neat friends on how to organize. Here is a simple Messy Person’s Guide from The Daily Muse.


One Response to “A simple Messy Person’s Guide”

  1. Hello Joan

    Jennifer Nelson–formerly of Living Stage–here….
    I have thought of you often over the years.
    I’m delighted to have come across your webpage and I love the sweet “Out of Many We Are One.”
    I’ve been looking for other LS vets to collect some stories–good or bad–about how that work affected us as individuals, as artists, parents, citizens. Would you be willing to talk with me about such?
    Am I correct in thinking your are in Connecticut?
    Although I am a DC resident I am actually frequently at my sister’s place near Old Saybrook.
    If you are willing, I would love to find some time to meet or to talk via phone. I’d even be willing to send you a couple of questions/prompts that you could respond to in writing…or song.
    Whatever works best for you.
    And at any rate I would be pleased to hear from you.


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