IMG_4225I am a wife, mother of 3 grown sons, composer and wellness consultant. After losing my mother, when I was 21, I felt compelled to explore what it is to be a healthy human being. This led me to study asian prevention models of healthy living. I began with healthy diet- changing from a meat and sugar-eater, first to a lacto-vegetarian then to macrobiotics.

I see macrobiotics as more than just dietary recommendations. It is a philosophy, a way to see life and make choices about how to live in harmony with our environment. My husband and I created the Fortunate Blessings Foundation to teach people about diet, relationships and environment and the connection of all to our health.

In the late eighties there was more demand for natural foods and many more restaurants and food stores with organic and healthier choices. I branched into other areas, focussing more on how to have a healthy lifestyle and environment.

Although I lived what I thought was an incredibly conscious lifestyle I still had sleep issues which resolved literally overnight when I slept on a Nikken magnetic sleep system. I have since found great health benefits from my Nikken Wellness Home and I am a Nikken Diamond Wellness Consultant with an active and prosperous global organization. If you are looking for right-livelihood, plan B or Wellness products for yourself or others, let’s talk.

This blog will contain macro musings as well as my worldviews, interesting products and my discoveries about ways to live, feel, think and be in resonance with our quickly changing world.

About Me and My Music

I am committed to using my musical talent as a vehicle for inspiration and transformation for the highest good of all

As a musician I wear many hats: performer, songwriter, composer for film, musical theater and dance, songwriter’s mentor, music director, producer, ghost-songwriter. My CD, Art.i.facts, has been heard all over the world. I am committed to using my talent to inspire the best in everyone.

1975- BA Music, Yale College

1975-present- member BMI musical theatre workshop, varied workshops and seminars on conducting, improvisation, jazz, midi technology, voice, drumming, personal development, parenting, yoga, dance, motivation, spirit, communication, listening, certified NIA teacher

2005-present- Music and Lyrics for 2 Bare Arms, a play with music, background music for meditation CD, various projects supervising, producing, composing for film, songsmithing, consulting, producing

1991-present – film projects, production, consulting, instrumental and vocal arranging, studio work on keyboards and vocalizing for dozens of artist’s CD’s

1998  Composer Susan B. Anthony Project, Inc., documentary video about the work of this women’s support organization

1997  Composer and Music Supervisor Against the Tide, a full length feature film with worldwide distribution, produced by Willpower productions, directed by Will Berliner. Composed, sequenced, programmed, orchestrated, produced, performed, screened and chose additional music

1996  Composer for commercials including Smirnoff industrial film.

1994-95  Co-Creator, composer, actress in two woman show, Changing Faces, premiered at Warner Theatre, Torrington, CT, and toured to thousands of students in Connecticut high schools.  Presently being used by teen arts and performance camps as the basis of exploration into relationships of teens with significant adults.

1993  Composer for Children as Artists, Children as Authors, Beth Olshansky’s award-winning video for art and reading teachers which combines art and writing to support children’s self-expression and to teach reading

1994  Composer, co-lyricist, arranger, performer Sport, Spirit, Splendor Anthem for Special Olympics World Games, New Haven CT1991-92  Co-founder Connecticut Arts Umbrella, non-profit arts organization supporting regional musicians in creating performance venues.  Creator and performer in  Songwriters Sing and  special children’s program featuring Shel Silverstein’s poetry set to music with dance.

1978-88  Various musical projects including radio and TV commercials, industrial films, back-up vocals and studio work,  children’s mini-musicals for my children’s schools, a musical adaptation of a play for the theater department at Wesleyan University, special musical adaptations of books and plays for Oddfellow’s Children’s Theater Playhouse, Middletown, CT. Founding Board member, Music For People.

1975-77  Music Director, Living Stage Company , a multi-racial, politically out-spoken improvisational theater company, directed by Bob Alexander, housed at Arena Stage, Washington, DC, Executive Director, Zelda Fischandler, and funded by the NEA.


9 Responses to “About Me”

  1. sari Says:

    cool – I give it a 10 – you can dance to it!

    but seriously, amazing that you have time for this!? bravo. xo s

  2. Trang Says:

    I’m a student in Vietnam and I have been on the Macrobiotic diet with only brown rice. But next year I will study in the UK, and I’m worried that I can’t find any place to buy brown rice at a reasonable price…
    And I have read some blogs, and it seems that people don’t usually eat brown rice with black sesame(i think it’s this word:), though this is the most recommended combination?

  3. Carrie Says:

    Fantastic blog! I would love to try the sleep system someday!

  4. […] the delightful and energetic Joan Spear, self proclaimed “Bone Head” and Wellness Consultant for a technology that promotes the […]

  5. Hi Joanie:
    Well, I’m trying the ampfloracel and seem to feel a little bit better today – so thank you! Also, spent a lot of time last night reading the handout from Andrew which is creating lots of questions. I feel like I am getting a lot of information about a lot of things but not enough yet to be able to weave it together. I spent this morning researching chicken tractors and actually must admit I think I have that topic covered! 🙂 Can’t wait to see you in two weeks. xox Celia

  6. ram0singhal Says:


    Love is your inner wealth, seed of which you bring in your closed hands to plant in this world to make it a tree of happiness.

    congratulations… are a tree of happiness…..

    bless you and your family and mission of life…..

  7. For whatever reason today I was remebering your Alice musical you wrote way back when and Oddfellows Playhouse kids performed. Good memories.

    Melissa Schilke

    • Joan Spear Says:

      Yes, Melissa- I was pregnant with my first son- Those were fun days!
      And good memories, indeed. Nice to see your name- and remember you!

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