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10 Responses to “Contact Me”

  1. Son One Says:

    I have a good pencil sharpener for you. It’s here in brooklyn. I’ll give it to you. Love Jonah

  2. Ann Lowenstein Wathen Says:

    Hi Joan! Ah, a friend from so so long ago. I left Woodmere Academy in 10th grade, did one year at Hewlett High and then my family moved to the SF Bay Area. My husband & I live just north of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Rafael. We have 2 children; Jeff is 22 and Allison, 20, and we also share our lives with 2 cats, or maybe they share their lives with us. It’s great to make contact with someone from my past. Do you have communication with any other ’71 grads? I look forward to chatting further. My best, Ann

  3. Robby Merkin Says:

    Lovely to re-make your acquaintance, and see all that you are into. I’d love to talk.


  4. bill parke Says:

    hi joan, my wife (martha hackett) wants to order a couple things from you/nikken. i can’t recall how to order online. can you help? she wants a pair of child-size mag insoles and a necklace like bill spear wears as i recently had big neck surgery & maybe it’ll help the pain. thanks, bill parke

  5. Found a couple of tubs of (The Bridge) seitan at a natural foods store the other day and thought of you (we crossed paths both as students at Yale, and later in Middletown when I was mathematics graduate student at Wesleyan). Enjoyed listening to your music here (I’m a composer too, but of a different stripe). Best wishes.

  6. I came across your blog in a quite roundabout way: a search on dropped-call etiquette. I was interested enough to read your “about me” section. I am curious about one facet: is the Will Berliner you worked with the same one who graduated from Hewlett High School with my wife around 1971? We live in the sphere of influence of Yale and have many old Hewlett HS friends connected to New Haven in one way or another. I enjoyed what little browsing I had time for.
    David Sack (btw, I keep a blog on wordpress called “prescriptions”.)

    • Joan Spear Says:

      HI David- Will Berliner is my brother who graduated in ’72 and we grew up in Woodmere so I guess he is/we are within that sphere of 5 Towns and Yale. Who is your wife? Your name sounds familiar.
      Joan (Berliner) Spear

  7. randifoto Says:

    Hi Joanie! Nice to see you and what you are up to. Do you remember me, from the old macro days in Boston (as in, around 1977)? I see your sister Louise periodically, and just saw her art exhibit in Somerville. I stumbled upon you in those weird ways that the internet provides!

    I live in Somerville, work as a social worker and also do photography. I have a solo exhibit up at City Hall in Boston right now.

    Here is my website, just for fun, so you can see what I am up to (at least the photography part):

    Will you come to Boston for Michio Kushi’s memorial service? I am going to attend it, so perhaps I will see you there?

    Best regards,

  8. Alice Says:

    Hi Joan Berliner.

    My teacher is Jon Greenberg, and he says that he had a crush on you in the 7th grade. He also went to Woodmere Academy. I don’t know if you remember him, but he may have gone by Pudgy. He never told you that he liked you.

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