iPad uPad

April 7, 2010

Everyone else is talking about it. Micah stood in line to pick his up on Saturday and is entranced by it, has downloaded dozens of free apps for it. I haven’t gotten one yet, but I know I will. I have most Apple products including a big MacPro for my music studio. Apple’s products are appealing in every way, user-friendly, intuitive, nice to hold and behold. Here is article in Gizmodo extolling the iPad’s design. It says it all.


Mac Pie

December 2, 2008


My Thanksgiving apple pie didn’t look like this although my living room was full of  Mac logos on laptops (kind of like parallel play) as the extended family was hanging out by the fire.
Love the idea- don’t have a laser to burn out the lattice, though. Check out the process/recipe and the new projects every Wednesday at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.
Via: Curbly.com