Creating Space

September 18, 2009

flower1_1 photo by- Micah Spear

We all speak or even complain about clearing clutter, don’t we? Our homes are filled with too much and most of it we don’t love, don’t want, don’t need, yet it is difficult for many to make the move to create the separation from the things, right? Motivation, time and attachment are 3 of the things that hold us back. Fear that the project will take too long is often on people’s minds- but what I have found is that, taken one small project at a time, it won’t take as long as you think. Of course, there are those of us who have looked at the clutter so long that we don’t even see it, in which case consult a friend who will tell you the truth!

Having many belongings is not a bad thing. It is how you feel about them, and how your living space feels with all of it. There is a difference between messy, disordered and dirty, and downright cluttered. If there is a place for everything, then you might be on top of things. Ignore this post.

For those of you feeling overwhelmed in your life- sometimes doing the physical clearing will help you mentally, too. Giving objects a place where they belong, to me feels like a Bach 2-Part Invention. Those notes so belong together, and playing it or hearing them played in their precise order is very harmonizing for most people who listen.

My friend, BJ, taught me a good way to work with the “stuff”. She would take the “things” away from the place they were living and to sort them in a new location. For example, if you are sorting out your junk drawer in the kitchen, dump everything into a box and take it all to the living room. Then you have literally uprooted it vibrationally from the place it had put down roots. You will also be considering everything outside of the kitchen where you normally see it all. Then, have 4 boxes ready; one for things to throw away, one for things to keep, one for things to put back somewhere else in the house where it belongs, and one for giving away. Then DO IT. It’s sometimes easier to do with a friend. Call someone! Now, when I am clearing more space in my home, I always think of BJ- and ask, what would BJ do?

One of the chief benefits for me is that once I clear something, I don’t have the thought “OMG, I have to deal with that….” hanging over me. But another benefit I have found is that the time I spend ordering a junk drawer, or tidying the linen closet is powerful mind-clearing time, too. I experience a similar thing when I am weeding the garden. Like Karma Yoga. Taking all the emotional baggage out and sorting it is something that does not have to be done alone; speaking with a good friend, seeing a therapist, taking a course are al way to sort through emotional clutter.

I went through my closet and ruthlessly (mostly) pulled out the clothes that I have been hanging on to but never wear, that look terrible on me but I paid a lot for and don’t wear and things that simply don’t fit and probably never will, boohoo. They have gone to the local Visitng Nurse Association Thriftshop, however, I brought a few choice items to the Rebecca Christine’s consignment shop in Gaylordsville. When we create a vacuum something will fill it- and I didn’t leave empty-handed. I have brought things of beauty into my home which for me is always in process and I love the journey or change and choice. Do you?