The Garden Update

October 3, 2009


I love reading Hatsy Taylor’s weekly posts on her site Weeds and Wisdom. She always has something of interest through the seasons of her NW Connecticut gardens. This week she writes about not wanting to face the weeds in her flower garden. It is very reassuring that I’m not the only one not wanting to deal with the flower beds.

AND, I am happy to report that the deep mulching in the veggie garden this summer was a great success and I am not going to be facing a terrible time putting the garden to bed and planting vetch as a winter cover crop. The beans are still producing, kale is going gangbusters, and the carrots are magnificent! I am now thinking ahead to next summer, and what I’ll have to do to have bigger onions and actually thinking that in the next few weeks I’ll be planting garlic for next July!!! Woohoo. Making a few quarts of pesto with my own basil and garlic last week was a big thrill. Photos to come, soon.

827635584_f151c708f6 has 3 simple and smart strategies to get more veggies from a small garden. I am determined to eat out of our garden to the max this summer and there seem to be too many things I want to grow an not quite enough space. I have been interplanting, planting and planning to grow things in succession and experimenting with vertical gardening (cucumbers and beans up the fence), too. You can harvest loads of beans and not take up room by growing vines up poles or fencing. My photos coming soon. Meanwhile, check out these suggestions from