There are many reasons I did not like to drink milk when I was growing up- ¬†childhood allergies, bad memories from my parents making me finish my milk at every meal because there were children starving somewhere else, hating the taste and texture. I was being fed milk mechanically, sentimentally- it’s what you gave to children.

There are many very different reasons why I don’t drink milk now and don’t give it to my children – intellectual, social, ideological- these reasons include the inappropriateness of cow’s milk for humans, the carbon footprint from the meat and dairy industry, the hype from the milk industry, and now perhaps saddest reason of all- radiation is being detected in milk- be it organic or not.

For those of you who still like a creamy substance in your coffee, tea or on your corn flakes there are many alternatives. Here is a helpful article in the Ecologist, listing the 10 top alternatives to cows milk.

Hat Tip to the beautiful Mak!

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I love the green suggestions for Valentine’s Day from‘s Green Tips. They include skipping the card-sending and reciting your poetry or witty card quip (I like this one), reducing your carbon footprint by staying in instead of eating out, and drinking some fair trade wine, instead of buying a gift, be the gift- do some long outstanding chore that you’ve been putting off or iron someone’s shirts- you can make a list of helpful things and romantic things! I also would include reaching out to those I love and sharing my heart with them through email and phone. Calling my boys now!