Cellphone Radiation

September 19, 2009

I am very grateful to the Environmental Working Group  for their ongoing research into the safety of consumer products. Here is the latest cellphone radiation figures. On this page you can read their tips for safety as well as read  documentation papers. EWG’s comprehensive, 10-month science evaluation of the hazards of cell phone radiation includes data from more than 200 peer-reviewed studies, government advisories, and industry documents, to provide you with the latest information on cell phone safety. You can enter in the name of your phone and see its rating.

Here is the best and worst as rated by the EWG:

Picture 10Picture 12

I definitely feel spacey and unfocussed after using my  iPhone for long periods, although I use a headset which doesn’t totally elimiate but somewhat limits my EMF exposure. I definitely feel it when in NYC among the vast numbers of cellphone users. I am interested in your experiences with cellphones. Do you have headaches, dizziness or confusion?