After fermenting overnight you can check your natto. You are looking for the beans to be stringy, gooey and a little stinky. This what some people love about natto and some people dislike about natto. Read BellaOnline for a story about hating natto then finding out you like it. However, I don’t think you are making natto if you don’t already love it and want your own personal supply in your freezer at all times, am I right?

Let your natto continue to ferment if you don’t think it is quite stringy enough. Some recipes call for 24 hour fermenting. That makes a very strong natto and is not the kind that I like.

When you think your natto is done, put it in the refrigerator overnight, then the next day, enjoy! Put most of the natto into containers and freeze. Take out and defrost when you want it.

Enjoy good health with natto. Even Dr. Mercola is enamored with natto. He has a downloadable report on the health benefits including:

  • How nattokinase (a type of good bacteria found in natto) works better than Aspirin at preventing a heart attack
  • Helps prevents fractures and sustains bone mineral density in women with osteoporosis
  • Keeps your gut running smoothly, keeping your tummy efficient and calm
  • Is a cheaper alternative to cholesterol lowering drugs like Lipitor

Next time: how to eat natto!