Crowd-Powered News

July 13, 2009


This is a great site. Regular people are contributing their opinions, findings and local news to this site: which  I will visit regularly.

For example: today I read Barbara Matthieson’s article on cellphone recycling in which she describes downloading a free postage label from Sprint. That simplifies the process for those of us who don’t want to pay the poastage and do want to recycle our phones.

Maybe I’ll even become a rookie journalist and do some contributing?

You can  go to the NowPublic Newsroom, where you can find out about the Community and members, check out how-to videos, journalism tips, and contributor Guidelines, and learn more about site Tools.

Got questions? Need help? Want tips on how to improve what you do on the site? They provide the pointers on what makes news on NowPublic and to find out more about how to get involved and share your news with the world. And you can attend the Forum where you can share your thoughts and tips with other NowPublic members.

Browse through Local or World news, Culture, Environment, Tech & Biz, Health, Style, Sports and Strange! Read Truemors—which seems to be a fun-ish section for spoofish “onion”-esque stories. Fun.

And of course you can comment, share, send to twitter, facebook, etal.