Cute Compact Carry Bag

November 4, 2009














We all buy cloth bags for groceries- so in Asheville I went food shopping and of course didn’t have a bag because they are all at home in Connecticut in the back seat of my car….and so I bought a great, reusable, light weight nylon bag at the check out. It has a patent pending, holds up to 25 pounds, has a little stretch pouch built in and a no slip shoulder strap.

about the size of a peach
holds 2x a plastic grocery bag
ripstop nylon, so load it up with a bowling ball or two
good clean fun
machine washable

Retails for $7.49. flip & tumble


Buy 7

April 30, 2009



I have lots of shopping bags in my car, in my mudroom, folded inside my backpack so I don’t have to take a plastic or paper bag from the store. Many of them are canvas and are durable but take up alot of space. I like to have some that can compress easily into a small space until needed. Check out Flip and Tumble’s colorful collection, cheaper the more you buy- get every color, buy for gifts, folds into a little ball, weighs next to nothing, useful. If you buy more than 7, it’s $7 each. Figures, it’s Josh’s post.