We have all been trapped in the labyrinth of telephone robotland trying to reach a human to speak with about a problem. Maybe you’ve needed to speak to someone at the cable company or the phone company or the credit card company, or even the local pharmacy? There are countless occasions I’ve shouted at the voice recognition system in total frustration. Hurray for gethuman! contains a database of national companies, their phone numbers and helpful hints to bypass the the robot phone systems and access a human to speak with. 

For example, if you are phoning American Airlines and need to bypass the system quickly to get to a person because you need to fly to Amsterdam suddenly…you press 0  at each prompt and ignore the messages. Neat. There are many hundreds of companies listed. If you find out that something in a system has changed, you can note that for gethuman to correct/check out.  You can add to list, too.

The gethuman™ movement was created from the voices of millions of consumers who want to be treated with dignity when they contact a company for customer support. They have 5 main goals:

-To catalog the steps consumers can take to bypass the automated phone system.

-To establish standards for customer service based on input from customers.

– To allow customers to rate businesses

-To create a forum for users to discuss experiences with customer service

-To share consumer tips on how to contact help and receive better service

The 3 team members are Paul English, an entrepreneurial and frustrated consumer, Walter Rolandi,who advises gethuman on the best of class human interface systems and Walt Tetschner who guides gethuman on industry relations.

Check this list next time you are calling and are befuddled by the automated voice system.

AND as of March 3, 2009, there is a free GetHuman app that you can download for your iPhone! The app dials the phone number for you after suggesting how to talk to a real person. 

Via: Julie Winn