Rent a Goat

July 25, 2010

I think this is one of my best ideas all year but I cannot seem to bring it into reality, yet. The cure for eradicating poison ivy: let a goat eat it. Goats LOVE poison ivy! I have heard that drinking goat milk from a goat feasting on poison ivy can help your allergic reaction to it. I have found several local goat owners but they have not been ready to “rent” their goat to me. I think I’m doing them a favor by providing yummy treats for their goat. They think it’s too much responsibility for me to tether their goat in my field for the day. One goat owner worried, “What if a stray dog should come and eat the goat?”  Well I am not about to sit out in the field all day guarding a goat, either. My favorite garden blogger, Hatsy, also suggested getting a goat in her most recent blog. Here is Hatsy’s “Weeds of Wisdom”. I think it would be a very viable business for someone to start a rent-a-goat. Weekly, daily, drop-off and pick-up, small fee for the transport. Fantastic!