I Scan My Food

July 6, 2010

Interesting new iPhone app from Iscanmyfood.com. According to developer Marietta Darrah,  “after 5 months of work and development, our iPhone app “I Scan My Food” is finally in the iTunes Store. We’re hoping to be able to develop it for other smart phones in the future and help raise awareness how toxic food additives, GMOs, and modified ingredients affect our health in the long run.”

The app contains a large database of photos and descriptions of many toxic substances found in everyday foods we purchase at the store. You can research foods and can send the results through your phone. Why would we want to do that, not sure. But watch the 8 minute intro video and you, too, will be able to scan the ingredients on packaging and track food additives in the food and beverages purchased every day at the supermarket. You can scan foods, cosmetics with the lite or Pro version. Ingredients are listed from green (safe) to red and orange (varying degrees of toxicity). The pro version is available on iTunes for $9.99.

I have downloaded it and have used for a day- I am finding it hard to do a correct scan. It is best to have the label on table or countertop. You do have to hold your camera steady.

via: Luisa


Basic Needs of Humans-Water

February 19, 2010

We all need air, water, sleep, food and exercise and shelter. Actually, we all need good quality air, clean water, deep regenerative sleep, nourishing food and regular movement in our bodies and a place to relax and renew. All 6 areas are interrelated and important. Some people focus only on their food or exercise and forget the other factors. Good health requires attention to all.

So, do you know the quality of your water? Optimally the clean water acts should be enforced by our government. They aren’t. We need to demand that they are enforced. I believe it is our right to be able to drink clean water anywhere we turn on a tap. It is not possible right now. There are one in eight people on our planet who do not even have access to safe, clean drinking water, period.

What can we do?

Be informed about local, national and global issues surrounding our water quality.

For you and your family: filter your water with a good quality carbon block filter.

For your community: Call and write your local officials telling them your concerns. Be up to date on your local water quality issues. Visit the EPA.gov site for local and national issues.

For our global community: Be informed about world water issues. WHO site is one good resource. Help build wells through donations to productive organizations like CharityWater.