I Get Misty

November 12, 2008


Of course, Josh has found the most stylish humidifier. Most humidifiers are strange looking, right? Clear wells that need refilling and clunky shape that you wish you could hide. Well here is that camoflage product in designer colors, too. This is a product made by a Japanese company who makes everyday objects useful art. humidifier_01

Don’t forget we need air filtration especially in the winter. Indoor air is worse than outdoor air- and it’s winter, our windows are closed and besides being dry there will normally be a dearth of negative ions– so an air filter that generates negative ions safely (without creating ozone as a by product) is a must.


It’s the end of September and the nights are getting frosty. Soon the days will be frosty, too, and I’ll start dressing in layers, socks and slippers. But there always comes a time when I am too cold to play the piano or sit at the computer and I think about turning on the heat. I like to wait as long as possible and use the wood stove in the living room to heat the house but it really only over-heats and dries out the living room even though I have fans to move the heat into the kitchen and hallway and up the stairs. And eventually I have to turn on the oil burner.

There are several things that need to be done before I do. I have to vacuum the radiators or I get sick from the dust that starts to float around. Things get very dry when our heat gets on. Do you know that our homes can become dryer than the Sahara Desert which has 25% humidity? Our home can have as low as 10% humidity! With low humidity comes static electricity, dry skin, dryer sinuses and therefore a higher susceptibility to viruses and bacteria. We need to drink more liquids, use skin creams and find ways to put more moisture into the air. There are whole house humidifiers on the market as well as smaller room units that require adding water daily. Negative ions can help with the static electricity problems- It’s important that my air filters are at the ready because they help with the dust because they add extra ions into the air that bond with positively charged dust and also can help supply the missing charge from static electricity.