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Hap Tip: Jonah


My son, Jonah, is an actor and acrobat, trapeze artist and was a member of the Streb company for several years. Looking back it’s not necessarily the kind of thing a mother would encourage – fearless leaps into space, death-defying moves, slamming into walls. At home we would fondly refer to the work as Cirque de Soleil meets Evil Knievel. Yet the envelope-pushing, Elizabeth Streb shows us the exciting beauty and surprising possibility of the human body in action through the works she co-creates with her dancer-athletes. The teamwork, heartwork, care and purpose involved  is extraordinary. Watch a video of some clips from the past few years. See Wild Blue Yonder and observe the “age-old human dream to stretch the body into space and to venture into unknown territory where gravity just might lapse”.  Jonah is in there somewhere! Check out the adult and kids classes and performance schedule at their space on North 1st St in Brooklyn. Jonah is now the staff trainer for the Espana Streb Trapeze Academy in the Streb space.