Knitting Socks!

December 1, 2008

images5So this Thanksgiving we had 8 guests sleeping over in addition to the 5 of us. It was fun having kids of all ages and my siblings and partners hanging out, watching kids, tv and catching up. Sylvie was knitting socks! And while she was here she completed one sock. It took her 1 evening. That means I could knit 3.5 pairs of socks per week. Not that I want to knit every night but I had forgotten how easy it is to knit socks and what fun it is to work with double-pointed knitting needles. I foraged online and have found some great youtubes demonstrating how to start, turn the heel and complete a sock. Check these out!

Knitting Socks Part One, Part Two, Part Three – which is the section for turning the heel and Part Four. There are fabulous wools and great patterns available. Visit your local knitting store to touch and choose your yarn. I always find wonderful and talented people at knitting stores who are always willing to help to help with knitting snags and creative ideas. Check out the Yarn Harlet’s Blog! This is a blogger who is afraid that when she leaves the house she won’t take enough knitting with her. She is now into knitting socks and her blog is a riot.