I recently spent a few day s in NYC with my niece, Sylvie. She is eating very simply- mostly vegetarian, candida-conscious, gluten-free. Big city- but how to find the right food? Here’s the app we needed. For NYC, LA and Austin. Free download. Why not?


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M Cafe LA

October 13, 2008

Okay, this is the kind of nourishing experience I could repeat daily, or twice daily. The clean cuisine at the M Cafe is not only good looking it’s also good tasting and good quality ingredients and good people serving you. I had the most scrumptious Corn and Lotus Root chowder, it was so sweet (but not from sugar) and filling I hardly had room for the beet quinoa salad and the kale with peanut sauce and the salmon nori roll. It’s comfortable deli style: place your order at the counter after looking over all the mouth-watering selections in the display case. Take your number, sit down and within a minute or two your meal is in front of you. There are 3 locations and they are open all day until 9pm. Tonight there were people of all ages- even a few children one of them eating with chopsticks! I love that this hip cafe is introducing people to the delights of Macrobiotic cooking.