Pat Head Rub Tummy

December 18, 2008

Chewing gum and walking-easy for most people, patting your head an rubbing your tummy- harder, doing the Dance of Shiva-hardest? Check this out:images_gif_siva5 It’s one of the many moves that are part of the Shiva Nata. Apparently the more you practice, the better you get at recognizing your patterns, breaking them down into their components and building something entirely new to take their place.

Andrey Lappa’s Dance of Shiva (also known as Shiva Nata ) — is a unique and visually stunning, flowing yoga movement form that restructures the brain and facilitates hugely exciting moments of understanding in a safe and systematic way. Havi claims you will make personal breakthroughs in a very short time, usually within 24 hours. There must be creation of new neuronal pathways from the new movement patterns and the mid-line crossing movements. She says, “It’s like a dancing puzzle that sparks forehead-slapping moments of “Ohmygosh!” over and over again as you open to your own potential.” I’m open to that. Certainly would never get bored because it looks fairly impossible to master the movements. I’m going to begin to learn it and will let you know.