This is the one year anniversary of http://www.joanspear.com! Just want to say that I still enjoy posting, I love your feedback and I appreciate all you readers who check in with my site regularly. My readership is consistently growing. Thank you to Josh for his encouragement. And viva the Lemon Cucumber! xo Joanie


Lemon Cukes

July 16, 2009


They are wonderful. I am picking them when they are lemon-size. They are sweet, juicy and refreshing, just can’t figure out the best way to cut them, right now we are enjoying them as wedges.

Lemon Cucumbers

June 7, 2009


Just planted one Lemon Cucumber plant. I know very little about them but thought it would be interesting to try them out. From what I have read they are round, yellow can be the size of a baseball. Some people like to pick them when they are still green, others wait till they are larger, some like them when they are the size of a lemon…that makes sense to me. The are sweeter than regular cukes, pickle well and have a tendency to be prolific. Teresa will have a big share of these this summer.


Anyone have more experiences to share on this?