I Can Has Lolcats Hiztory?

October 1, 2010

If you love lolcats you need to know some Lolcat hiztory from OnlineSchools.org

CHEK OWT THIZ LINK: http://www.onlineschools.org/blog/lolcat/


Lolcats again!

November 20, 2009


This time Fatcat has really done it.

Lolcats- whoz dem?

February 24, 2009


I’m sick in bed with the flu or something that is lingering and not changing. Feeling crummy. The kitties are lying around taking up too much of my precious space. What kind of caption would I give that??  It’s lolcat time.

There is nothing like a lil lolcat action to brighten up my otherwise miserable afternoon. U wants to know whatza lolcat? If you didn’t click the previous link then I’ll tell you, briefly, a lolcat is a funny, captioned photograph, usually of a cat or other animal being a quintessential, yet human-like animal. The caption is usually in a special slang that my kids have used for years- obviously they knew about lolcats way before I did. The slang or patois is said to be internet slang. Whatevah u sez. Urban dictionary sez dis.

 To learn lolcat is more complex than one might think. It’s probably easier to just read it for awhile and listen to your kids speak it and then you’d know instinctively to do exactly what the instructions say on Icanhascheezeburger.com:

 1) Mis-decline verbs, especially misuse the verb “to be”

2) Misuse gerunds

3) Overuse prepositional phrases
4) Blatant rearrangement of syntax
5) Incorrect plurals and past-tense verbs
6) “noun” your adjectives. (For instance, the adjective “blue” can become the noun “blueness”)
7) Improper pronouns
8 ) Drop the articles (”a”, “and”, “the”) in favor of adding “-age” to the end of a noun
9) Use “younger” words (”kitty” versus “cat”, “fuzzy” versus “furry”, etc.)
10) Use the word “with” inappropriately.
11) If you really can’t wrap your head around the concepts behind “Engrish”, try this: Go tobabelfish.altavista.com, type your desired comment in, hit “english-to-Japanese”, then re-translate back to English. You have to be able to view special characters (the kanji). If you can’t get that to work, try translating to a different, european-text language, like German.

AND, keeping all that in mind: From wikipedia: “Common themes include jokes of the form “Im in ur nounverb-ing ur related noun.” Many lolcat images capture cats performing characteristically human actions or using modern technology, such as computers.”

Then u enz upz wid diz:


Gud lol kittehs, go ketch dinneh.