Making Balance with Miso Soup

September 11, 2008

Now that the nights are turning colder we need to make balance for the changes. Just as the squirrels are gathering their acorns and building nests and birds are flying south we choose clothes that keep us warmer, close windows, put on storm windows, light a fire in the fireplace, clean radiators and prepare for when the heat goes on, get out warm blankets and slippers and put away summer things. There are logical food choices we can make as well. We can eat less cooling food, working towards changing our blood with more cooked and warming foods; less raw, more cooked, less yin and more yang but always with a flexibility and curiosity about how we feel and what we need. Like—do I need a sweater today? Or do I need some warming soup today? But just as we can over dress, we can eat in extremes. For example, if we eat too much salty food we will make balance by drinking a lot of liquids or gobbling up sweets. With a little practice we can start to learn what our personal extremes are and how better to make our balance. One of the best balancers I know is Miso Soup.

It’s a traditional Japanese staple- even served for breakfast. I’m sure you’ve had it at a Japanese restaurant. It’s easy to make at home. Miso soup is alkalizing, fermented, soy-based, contains amino acids, live enzymes for good digestion and healthy intestinal flora and protein.

Here is a great video for miso soup with Jessica Porter. She is a riot. Making miso soup will never be the same.