Monsanto sues Oakhurst Dairy for label stating that their milk is free from artificial growth hormones and is demanding that the dairy stop labeling as such.

They demand that the dairy remove: “Our Farmers’ Pledge: No Artificial Growth Hormones.” posted this article submitted by Drew Kaplan. The article states: “Monsanto officials said Oakhurst’s ads and labels are deceptive and disparage Monsanto’s products with the inference that milk from untreated cows is better than milk from hormone-treated cows.”

“We believe Oakhurst labels deceive consumers; they’re marketing a perception that one milk product is safer or of higher quality than other milk,” said Jennifer Garrett, director of technical services for Monsanto’s dairy business. “Numerous scientific and regulatory reviews throughout the world demonstrate that that’s unfounded. The milk is the same, and the amount of protein, fats, nutrients, etc. are all the same.”

I don’t believe they are the same milk. Do you? One is tampered with and one isn’t. One is the way nature created it and the other isn’t. One is genetically modified and owned by a huge corporation and one by a small local dairy in Maine.

Think about it. Do they feel threatened? What?!?


A recent poll reveals that 69 percent of Canadian wheat farmers are opposed to “franken-wheat” given the fact that it’s banned in Europe, and most U.S. consumers don’t want it. As a result, the biotech industry is attempting to shift public perception by inundating the press with genetically engineered misinformation. In an article in Organic Consumer’s Association, Honor Schauland takes a humorous, sort of, look at the misguiding information being put forward by the GM wheat industry. 

In his article, Schauland takes a look at the approach the industry is taking- basically to show the consumer the benenfits of GM foods. There are no benefits to show, so there is going to be some tall tales coming up. There is no nutritional benefit nor is it cheaper. He quotes Monty Python’s spoof  for Crelm Toothpaste. Crelm Toothpaste with the miracle ingredient, frauduline. Next…

He quotes a Reuter’s article where someone mentions engineering wheat that is friendly to Celiacs. Stranger than truth- the engineering in the past has been about pests and pesticides. Now they are talking celiac disease? 

Read his article.

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