Hip and Kitsch-Jerrie Thills

February 10, 2009



“Hey, Jerrie” (Jerrie Thills) is a new music video by Allee Willis-  superstar-award-winning songwriter, whose songs have sold over  50 MILLION copies and include some of my favorites, how about, “September”  for Earth, Wind and Fire, The Color Purple, the soundtrack to Beverly Hills Cop (only heard it a zillion times with my boys) and that’s nothing, read about it:  she is a prolific songwriter, artist, techno-kitsch phenomenon. 

Jerrie, whom she met at her local block party, is a hip, 91 year-old drummer. Watch their new music video on youtube.

About Jerrie’s oxygen, Allee says,  “It’s slowed her down some, just for the sheer pain in the ass of having a tank as a third arm. Not to mention those tubes that connect it to your nose. But I’m so into the quirkiness of a 91 year old drummer, female no less, that the oxygen just becomes an interesting fashion accessory and makes the overall intensity of what I’m seeing and hearing even better.”

I want to be making music when I’m 91. Check out Jerrie Thill, playing in time with the bursts of oxygen from her tank. You go!


Sound of Chipmunks

September 21, 2008

It’s a crisp September morning and the sun is streaming in the kitchen window. Outside it’s noisy with the “chips” of chipmunks no doubt scurrying around gathering their food for the winter. Their “chipping” is thought to be warning of a threat – like, “hey, you’re on my turf, I’ll make noise to annoy you so you’ll go away.” They store food but don’t store fat, so they snack on their stash all winter. I’ve seen their tracks in the snow. They live 2-3 years. National Geographic will tell you more. The chipmunk has often been portrayed in cartoons. Here is my favorite chipmunk music video:  The Chipmunk Song