Where IS everyone going? This is an amazing video of air traffic crossing our earth! You can even see night and day traveling east to west over the 24 hour satellite compilation/simulation:


Hat Tip: Bill Tara

Days are now shorter? due to Chilean earthquake? Patricia Lemer sent me a fascinating article was published today on the Space.com site. According to research scientist Richard Gross at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif. the earthquake should have shortened the day length by 1.26 milliseconds. I’m afraid I didn’t notice that. And it also altered what I understand as the earth’s wobble- or Earth’s figure axis by about 3 inches. How do scientists know this kind of information? His findings are based on early data available on the Chile earthquake and calculated with computer models.  As more information about the earthquake characteristics are revealed, his prediction of its effects will likely change.