Santa Monica, think “the pier”, think beach, beautiful and hip Californians with dogs, on bikes, shorts and flipflops, healthy foods; then visit the local coop! Co-opportunity has been providing natural and organic foods to Santa Monica and the surrounding area since 1974. They have one of the largest, freshest selections of certified organic produce, & a wide variety of products & foods. Beautiful, everyone benefits.


If you eat a traditional meat, potatoes, cola and ice cream diet, sure, a simple meal of rice, beans and greens will definitely taste insignificant to you. Your taste buds are used to extremes of salt and sugar and it stands to reason that you won’t be able to savor the simple sugars and flavors first time. It may be hard to believe one’s sense of taste can, over time, re-balance and chewing a mouthful of rice can be a sweet experience, a bite of carrot can taste like dessert. It is possible to appreciate the natural flavors inherent in food and feel the healthy effects in your life. Physical stamina, flexibility, digestion, energy levels, quality of sleep and clarity will all be affected positively. The issue here is: are you willing to try? Are you willing to give up a habit, do without the fleeting pleasure of tasting favorite tastes and textures for the few days that it will take. Many people will not forsake the familiar and journey into the unknown. Just like breaking in a new pair of shoes there are future benefits to keep in mind. Tune in for more posts about ways to simplify your diet, yet find fulfilling taste while becoming more healthy.